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Find Your Strength

A Trauma-Informed course in Boxing and Martial Arts from Legions Gym.

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Legions Gym is now able to offer trauma informed training courses in Boxing and Martial Arts. We are currently the only combat sports gym able to offer this type of training. The sessions can take place in the fully equipped modern gym in York. Alternatively our fully trained coaches can facilitate them where suits you.
This standard six-week course runs across 6 consecutive sessions usually delivered on a weekly basis. Each session is 2-hours in length and is focused on physical training and emotional wellbeing. Using a combination of boxing and /or martial arts, participants will be supported to develop their physical skills whilst focusing on addressing their psychological resilience and emotional wellbeing.
The Strengthen course recognises the potential adverse effects of trauma in the lives of children and adults alike. The recent events surrounding the international pandemic have had an effect on children, young people and adults and their physical and mental health over the past six months.
This course seeks to address these negative effects through the development and delivery of a tailored programme of boxing and martial arts which is underpinned by best practice and guided by the six principles of trauma informed practice.
The programme aims to provide a safe and non-judgemental space for participants to share their experiences and access information, education and training to support coping and enhance their resilience whilst simultaneously using physical activity to build self-esteem.
Each session concentrates on a particular aspect of boxing and martial arts and is combined with a focus on psychological wellbeing to provide the participants with opportunities to share their experiences, seek support and to develop skills for coping.
The goal of the course is to help the participants acknowledge the effects of trauma while then able to manage them and move forward positively with their lives using the skills and knowledge that they have learnt. Please email the gym on for more information.

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